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Friday, May 23, 2014

Changing it Up: Retiring the Beer Catalog

After well over 750 different beer notes over three years and nine months, I've decided to depart from my standard of blogging notes from every beer that touches these lips. It was a great feat keeping up with my beer drinking endeavors. I made it my job to do at least a few posts a week, and with a large backlog of notes at times it was challenging. 

With tastings and events, with trips and nights home, there was beer. New beer. I could go years without even trying the same beer twice with the glut of options I have available in this region. I could go months without ever touching a bottle or can with the saturated brewery and bar scene. I could probably sustain myself on festivals alone in the summer and fall months.

The moment I pause before trying something new because I'd have to write about it, the second I reach for a martini when I really wanted that saison, is the time I realize I'm missing out.

It was nice having a comprehensive catalog. Great to have a complete reference when I encounter a beer I don't remember. It's hard to remember what you've had and if you liked it with all of the options.

I've thought of only writing notes for the special beers, but let's face it...they are all special. They are all firsts, many are rare, and so many are worth noting. So, I'll write about visits to pubs and trying their special offerings, I'll note beers that I want to remember for later, I might jot down some words about a special ale in a special place. But for the most part, I'll sip through the head and enjoy my cold glass of beer with my phone tucked tightly in my pockets. No annoying flash. No pausing.

Don't worry, I'll keep up with my musings on travels, adventures, and events. I'll focus more on the food posts with recipes, restaurants, and special dinners. I'm planning a tomato month this summer. I'll write the odd beer post, cocktail recipe, or distillery visit post. So keep reading and keep enjoying.

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