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Thursday, August 28, 2014

High-Tech Tavern: Tribes Alehouse

Tribes Ale House
9501 West 171 Street | Tinley Park, IL

Tribes Alehouse has been around since 2009. The Mokena pub was doing so well, they added a Tinley Park location in 2012. I finally made the trip out there last night, and they aren't kidding when they say, "We love beer!" 

It was at one end of a large strip mall, so parking was plentiful. I walked into the loud bar and my gaze met a huge screen displaying a four-page tap list. The screens were everywhere. Big enough so you could see all Tribes had to offer. The taps seemed endless. It was quite large inside. We opted for seating on their large patio. It had a sleek wooden bar, plenty of tables, and a covered area. It was beautiful out. A summer evening with temp in the 60s.

We scanned the QR Code on the card the waitress handed us to pull up the beer list. Boy, was it long! I should have studied up before I got there. On the page you could filter by type and tap/bottle/upcoming. The list was by style. After the third visit by the waitress, we decided on drinks.

The drinks list was solid. They had hard-to-find brews, local brews, and brews from all over the world. They had a mix of wheats, Belgians, IPAs, stouts, and pale ales. There were even a couple of sours in the mix. 

The food menu, though short, was full of options. It listed soups, salads, wings, three types of poutine, flatbreads, sandwiches, burgers of all types, and a few entrees. They had a good deal of vegetarian options. We grabbed some cheese curds and fried pickle chips to have something on the table when our friend arrived. 

I eyed the beer cheese soup, but ordered the fish and fries for dinner. The fries were typical, but the fish was meaty and thick. It was freshly cooked. Mr. K got a pig & goat beef burger. It was a patty topped with goat cheese, pancetta, and caramelized onions. It was messy and tasty. He sprung the extra buck for tots. Our good friend ordered the mushroom barley soup and crab cakes. The soup looked hearty and delicious. The crab cakes were meaty and flavorful.

It was a Deschutes kind of night for me. I ordered Twilight Summer Ale to go with the fried cheese curds and pickles. It was light and fresh with a musky fruitiness to it. With my fish and fries, I had the Chainbreaker White IPA. It was deliciously lemony. I ended with the Mirror Mirror. This imperial barleywine warmed me up on that chilly night. It was figgy and grainy. It was the perfect dessert.

On our way out we noticed our names flashing on the bottom of the tap list screens. They show off the Untappd check-ins. Between the screens, extensive online menu, and tie into Untappd, this spot was very high-tech.

Overall, the meal was delicious and the beers were fantastic. The waitress was very attentive. The patio was very comfortable. I'd definitely go here again...and try that beer cheese soup!

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