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Saturday, August 2, 2014

R-Rated Ren Faire

As soon as I could, I headed out to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I went on closing weekend last year (post) and saw what I was missing. This year I decided to go early and go often. This has been such a mild summer and the grounds are so well shaded that every weekend is fair game.

This year we went under the threat of rain. We picked up tickets at Walgreens ($4 discount if you get them there) and made the hour and half trek out to Kenosha. The drive is more than worth it for the full day of festivities.

We watched shows, browsed the wares and crafts, and got our hands dirty with some wings. We were there until closing. It was much like last year, and it was wonderful. The difference this year was that we saw some R-rated shows in the mix. The first we walked into, the Ded Bob Show, was just an adult show. Some political jokes, a few choice words, but nothing too risque. Then we headed to the Pig and Whistle pub, and boy those shows didn't pull any punches! They had shows appealing to men and women alike. Then we headed to the Globe Stage for the Tortuga Twins, and our minds were blown. They were really playing up the rated R business. They were pushing the line to questionable limits. They were in the audience encouraging some participation. It was all hilarious! We had to miss the last bit of the show. We had to get to KC Pottery shop to pick up our new goblets and spoon rest before it closed. 

The Sturdy Beggars Mud Show we saw last year was raunchy and cheesy, but that was nothing compared to what we saw this year. It's important to note that it was completely apparent that these were R-rated shows. Not only did they have signs, the performers mentioned it frequently and as parents with children stopped by these open-air performances. At one point in the Tortuga Twins show, they even asked a couple of kids where their parents were. They asked them to go find their parents when they found out they were unaccompanied.

The R-Rated Renaissance Faire was all in good fun.

Costumed Music & Dance, The Ded Bob Show, and Gypsy Geoff

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