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Tantalizing Tastes of Tandoor

Tandoor Indian Cuisine
1535 U.S. 41 | Schererville, IN

It was an awful April. It was the winter that didn't give up. It was sleeting, I had an awful Wednesday at work. All I needed in my life was a warming and uplifting dinner. Mr. K called our favorite local Indian restaurant for a take out order, and it was closed. Phone was disconnected. Google and Yelp had it listed as closed. I was devastated. While there was another Indian spot (take out) close by, Tandoor had the Northern Indian cuisine I favored.

Then I found out that Tandoor was just going through a remodel, it wasn't completely closed down. Not so much a remodel as a complete rebirth. The old restaurant was torn down and the parking lot was ripped up.

Slowly, very slowly, I saw the new building spring up. Concrete was poured. The frame was stood up. This new building was twice the size of the old! The tiling was put out front with blocks of painted with intricate patterns. I called Mr. K when I saw a patio taking shape. We waited.

Today we drove past and saw cars in the lot. NOW OPEN. We went about our tasks for the day with Tandoor in mind.

We stepped up to the door as soon as the break between lunch and dinner was over. The entrance was welcoming. The interior was a clean design with brightly-colored walls and accents. Turquoise and pink. Burnt orange and red. The interior lifted the spirits and got my taste buds ready to enjoy the meal. Every detail from the window frames to the artful ceiling tiles made the experience richer. It was a delight to see.

The food was as good as always. The chicken saag and chicken tikka masala relax me after a stressful day. The vindaloo makes me feel better if I'm under the weather. The dal makhani warms me on a cold winter day. Today we went for hearty and warming, chicken jalfrezi and bhindhi masala. We ordered keema samosas to start with and garlic naan and plain rice to go with dinner. I was in heaven. I ordered a Taj Mahal lager to go with the spice.

It was a complete sensory experience the colorful decor I saw perked me up, the upbeat music was a pleasure to hear, the food I tasted excited my taste buds, and the aroma of the spices satisfied my being.

The waiter recognized Mr. K from his pick up visits. He let us know about further upgrades (chandelier, window accents, and bar tables) and about the grand opening next week. Tandoor opened their doors last week and I'm so glad they did.

I sit here writing this completely satisfied and ready for my next visit.


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