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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Four Fathers Festival Follow Up

Four Fathers
1555 W Lincolnway | Valparaiso, IN

I had a couple of Four Father's brews at the 2013 Porter's Perfect Pint that were quite notable. In a sea of beer, I actually went back for seconds. When I found out they were opening a spot in the old Figure Eight taproom I was excited to try it.

This past April I visited their tap room. They did a bit of a remodel, adding in a bar, panelling the walls with wood, and lining surfaces with copper. It was a totally different feel.

It was still a tight spot, there's nothing they can do about that, but they found a way to make it more roomy. There was about 20 seats with 3+ more by the restroom hall.

They streamed upbeat doo wop that had my toes tapping.

My only two negatives were having only bottled water for sale and that smell of bacon-flavored popcorn was a bit overpowering. That said, the water was super cheap and they may have a pitcher/cooler at this point. The popcorn was real turn off in such a tight space. I really wanted to smell the beers. But as we know, I'm a delicate flower that's way too sensitive to smells! The plus is...yay bacon-flavored popcorn!

The beers were solid. None matched up to the amazing Tallulah B sour I had at the 2013 Porter's Perfect Pint. They have a quickly rotating tap list and special releases. I'm sure that some have even surpassed my dear Tallulah.

We ordered a flight of six and were on our way. We haven't returned since, but I would recommend a visit. I'll be back at some point.

This is a quick rundown of the April selection:
  • Abolition: This roasted porter was thick and pleasant.
  • Neptune: This orange-straw colored wheat smelled like banana. It was thick and rich. It wasn't as clean as a German wheat.
  • Dr. Terminus: This golden ale had a white hop-oil head that settled to a ring. It had a rich hop flavor (earthy pine and lemon pith) that intensified as it warmed.
  • Comet Line: This Belgian IPA was a gold-yellow. I could smell the sugary aroma over the popcorn. It was acidic and sugary. The acid kept it clean. 
  • Buy the Cow: This black milk stout was really smooth and delicious. I could smell the roasted aromas over the popcorn. It had a coffee flavor with a smooth milk aftertaste.
  • Ivy Mike: I ended with the Imperial black IPA. The hop oils kept the coffee-colored ring around as I drank it. It was hop forward with a roasted aftertaste. It was a nice way to end the tasting. 

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