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Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's ALIVE! (Mikkeller)

Ok, so I have quite a few unique brews to write about. We'll call this brew week or some such thing. Let's say it's in honor of the GABF. We stopped at Valparaiso's Old World Market a few weeks ago to look around. While we were still stocked up on cheese from a trip to Wisconsin, we still had room for sun-dried tomatoes, prosciutto (straight off the leg), and wine. We tried to avoid the beer corner, but it was hard to avert our gaze. They expanded their beer selection quite a bit since the new owners took over a few years ago. I didn't pick up the pumpkin beers. I left a grappa barrel-aged brew on the shelf. But when I saw the rhubarb release of Mikkeller's It's Alive, I couldn't help myself.

Rhubarb (left), Lychee (right)
Mikkeller puts out their Wild Belgian ale infused with fruits and veg that take it up to a new level. I had a small bottle of the lychee release in my basement. Between the lychee and the rhubarb, it was time for an It's Alive! night.

Look and Smell: This straw-colored ale had a pinkish hue. It smelled slightly sour, but not overpowering. It had a bubbly, white head that left a layer on the top as I drank it.

Taste: It was incredibly effervescent. It had a delicate tartness to it. A sweet tartness lingers. It still has the earthy qualities of the rhubarb. It was a good mix of flavors. The tart from both the yeast and the rhubarb added a complexity of flavors.

Look and Smell: This dark gold-brown brew had a frothy and bubbly off-white head. It smelled like fresh lychee, no mistaking it. It had a musky aroma.

Taste: They lychee flavors were showcased. It was tropical, balanced with an oak flavor. It was musky with a rich grain taste. It was floral and fruity. It was a wonderful combination of flavors.

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