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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Winter Wookey (Firestone Walker)

With the weather cooling down, I figured it called for a good warmer. I had this Proprietor's Vintage Series strong ale at Simmzy's Pub in Manhattan Beach this past spring. While definitely not a springtime brew, it hit the spot for a long travel day. (Not that beer should be constrained to seasons.)

Firestone Walker never disappoints, and I couldn't turn this brew down. I'd had Wookey Jack before, and this definitely took it to a new level.

Keep your eyes out for this blended strong ale this cold-weather season. It may make an appearance at a pub near you.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This brown brew had a white head that settled into a ring of tiny bubbles. It left a slick on the top. It smelled very sweet, earthy, and boozy.

Taste: It was sweet with a perfect bitter balance. It was a touch spicy. It had a richness it could only get from that sugary malt. It was heavy. It was delicious. My mouth is actually watering writing this post, six months after the encounter.

From the Firestone Walker site:
Our newest blended strong ale, Winter Wookey, comes just in time for the California winter this year. A blend of Wookey Jack and un-oaked Double DBA, Winter Wookey brings dark chocolate covered dried cherry, candied apple, orange zest and toffee flavors together in a complex, warming blend. Deceivingly drinkable for its size, Winter Wookey balances a big, malty body with a complementary spectrum of hop aroma and bitterness.

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