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Monday, December 8, 2014

BuckleDown Brews

BuckleDown Brewing
8700 W 47th St | Lyons, IL

I found myself at BuckleDown Brewing twice last week. The first time for drinks with a friend and the second a impromptu visit for their 1st Anniversary Party and barrel-aged brew release. They had a respectable tap list and three solid barrel-aged brews.

It was a small but wide-open space with a high ceiling above the rafters and pipes. The yellow metal chairs and stools contrasted with the wood panels and tables. The three large tanks were visible to the right of the bar. It's always nice to see the operations. The incandescent lighting went well with the industrial feel. It was a clean, well-lit area.

Upbeat music echoed around concrete walls and floor from tiny Bose speakers. They had a projector and screen installed for what I could only assume is movie night.

They don't serve food, but they have a nice stack of menus for pizza delivery and other options. The night of the anniversary party, they had a food truck onsite. 

Over the two visits I tried all the beers they had on tap. The brews ranged from incredibly light Belgian Singles and Pale Ales to hearty and rich porters and Imperial Stouts,

First Visit
I split these full pours half and half with Mr. K.
  • Painted Turtle APA was creamy and had a fresh hop aroma and flavor. It was uplifting on a cold winter day. 
  • Belt & Suspenders IPA was bitter and delicious.
  • Raven's Cloak Black Rye IPA was spicy, roasted, a bit smoky, and dry.
  • Fiddlesticks Belgian IPA was light and refreshing with a floral hop flavor.
Anniversary Lineup
These brews were small pours in little snifters served on a barrel stave.
  • Shady Aftermath was a rich roasted porter. It was one of my favorites in the bunch.
  • Nefarious Aftermath was a barrel-aged porter that was smooth and complex. It was aged in rye barrels. It was a nice winter warmer. I went home with a couple of bottles to get me through the winter.
  • Stompbox was the standard imperial stout that had a sugary sweetness to it.
  • Shadowbox was a sweet barrel-aged stout. I think this was aged in wine barrels. The barrel aging brought out some caramel and more earthy flavors. It added more of a toasted flavor to balance out the roasted flavors of the stout.
  • Irresponsible was a rich red rye with a smooth booziness.
I also tried a bit of the Mirth Belgian single. It was incredibly light.

Overall, I'm really glad I was told about this spot. Being only a year old, it never came up on my radar when I was learning about the area. This will definitely be a nice treat after a movie or dancing in the Burr Ridge area. 

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