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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hairspray: The High School Musical

Supporting community theater is a great way to be entertained and do something different every so often. Even if the play is a bust, you can have fun rehashing the horror after the show! I have season tickets to a local traditional theater and an edgier spot. This season, I've dropped by the local college campus for a show and more recently the local high school.

The Highland Theater Company at High School is known for their high-quality and entertaining shows. The spring musical draws a crowd. After hearing how good the production value was, I was eager to see for myself what they had to offer. Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of seeing the Highland High School production of Hairspray (courtesy of a local friend).

The Monbeck Auditorium was packed with families cheering the kids on as they tackled social issues like teen image, race, and acceptance through song. Fifty or so kids made up the cast. They sang, they danced, they brought the audience to their feet. 

The colorful set filled the large stage. Sure they had a couple of logistical issues you’d expect in an amateur production (mostly audio and audience chatter/playing with phones), but the performers filled the stage and even the aisles with lively songs and heart-breaking melodies. Motormouth Maybelle (Krissy Cannon) nearly brought the house to tears with her heartfelt rendition of I Know Where I've Been.The quality was close to what you’d find at a local community theater.

It was a fun afternoon out. I’d definitely go again. I was expecting dads with their camcorders, monotone deliveries, and an institutional setting. Instead, I got a high-quality performance from a group of kids that were having a great time entertaining us.

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