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Regaling Renaissance Faire

Another year, another visit to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. This year I only had one weekend I could squeeze in a visit. Under threat of rain, we ventured to the grounds. It seems everyone in the greater Chicago area had the same idea. The crowd was bigger than I'd ever seen it. The paid parking area was so densely packed that the cars were nearly parked in the free parking area.

Mr. K pulled up to a super close spot abandoned by an earlier festgoer. We walked through the thick, rain-watered grass to the path to the front gates. It was a perfect day to be out. It was cool and cloudy, but we didn't get rain. Despite the line of cars to get in the lot, there was no line at the entrance. We walked right in. We walked past the Mud Show, over Lake Elizabeth, and around to the Trader's Cove Stage.

We followed the music VaNa MaZi. A lively band playing gypsy music from the old country. Which country? I'm not sure. Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia? The upbeat melody of accordion, drum, upright bass, guitar, and violin made it hard not to get up and dance. Some people couldn't restrain themselves. Some tried unsuccessfully to drag their shy partners up to dance. I stayed to the end of the set and moved on.

We saw much of what the faire had to offer, but still didn't scratch the surface. We saw a Sturdy Beggar lock lips with a bald audience member at tail end of the Mud Show. We saw the falconers in action. We heard the raunchy songs of Iris and Rose and Two Merry Men at the Pig and Whistle. We saw flaming didgeridoo and harmonicas at the ...and Friends Show (eventually the MooNiE and Friends Show).

I picked up some jewelry. With the dense crowd and long lines food choices were slim. Mr. K braved the crowds and brought back deep-fried broccoli cheddar balls, wings and fries, and fried jalapeno poppers.  We went to the bakery and grabbed an eclair and cookies. The drinks line moved faster. I had Murphy's Irish Stout, Lakefront IPA, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and some Absente absinthe. 

Here's to next year, unless I can squeeze some time for a second visit before it closes down Labor Day weekend!

More Pictures: Bristol Renaissance Faire 2015


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