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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

25 Drinks: Belgian Dark Ale

Taking a break from the stouts, December 15 was the 2013 release of the 12 Days of Christmas from The Bruery. Six Geese-a-Laying Belgian Dark Ale was one of the best holiday ales I've had. It was brewed with cape gooseberries that mixed with the flavorful Belgian yeast to give it layers of delicate and delicious flavors. It had a mellow spice to it. It wasn't a powdery spice. It was distinct and flavorful. The Belgian style made it taste like sweet spice candy. The brown sugar and slight vanilla flavors really melded with the Belgian sweetness. It had a dark fruit layer to it that went so very well with the spice; made me crave dessert. I wanted a plain pound cake with this. I'd love to make a thick caramel with this or glaze to top a cake, but I don't want to sacrifice a bottle for culinary experimentation.

It was dangerously smooth. At 11.5%, it definitely fits the bill for a winter warmer.

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