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Friday, December 4, 2015

25 Drinks: Koval Liqueurs

For December 3, Mr. K busted out our Koval liqueurs. This Andersonville distillery is known for their whiskeys and ryes, but they have a selection of infused liqueurs too. All of the flavors are so natural and even sharp (in a good way). While they are thick and sweet, the flavors of the infusions cannot be missed. In our collection we have: Chrysanthemum & Honey, Ginger, Rose Hips, and Bierbrand (a beer schnapps made with a lager from the nearby Metropolitan Brewing).

For this boozy day, I mixed the Chrysanthemum & Honey with the Ginger in equal parts. The ginger was so sharp and delicious. The floral honey smoothed it out. The aroma was so soothing. This drink definitely soothed my scratchy throat too! For a second drink, I mixed the Bierbrand with the Rose Hip (2:1). The tart and fruity rose hips flavor melded well with the earthy and sweet beer schnapps. Another nice and warming booze night.  

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