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Saturday, December 19, 2015

25 Drinks: Refreshing Complex Blond

December 18 in the homemade booze advent calendar was something lighter, yet still packed with herbal and spicy flavor. Gouden Carolus Cuvée van de Keizer Rood 2008 was brewed to celebrate 10 years of the blue label Cuvée van de Keizer. Cuvée van de Keizer is brewed every year starting on the birthday of Charles the Fifth. 

There was no lingering lagery yeast taste with this brew. For bottle conditioned brews I pour one clear and clean glass, and one with the yeasty bits of sediment mixed in. I like to taste the difference. Many recommend not to do that, but only once have I gotten an off flavor. 

This brew had an apple aroma and taste. The bubbles and slight apple tartness lightened it up. It had layers of flavor that I couldn't place, but added depth to it. I enjoyed it, but didn't pick it apart. I enjoyed the fresh apple smell of it, the look of it as a little float and ring of foam lingered, and the feel of the effervescence on my tongue.

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