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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Interesting Industrial By-Products

There is not much to do in Stavanger, Norway. It's a cruise port stop. It's an overnight rest after a hike or fjord trip. It's a business trip locale if you work in the oil industry. When walking around town, you'll find signs showing the six or so main sights of Stavanger. An hour or so into my walk, when I stumbled upon the sign, I had already seen all but one on the list. 

That said, it was interesting to meander. We strolled and stopped to watch the sail boats with their white sails and massive ships come in full of cars and large busses. Then we paused to look at the murals and cottages on the harbor through fog.We even saw a double rainbow. 

Next to the modern Norwegian Petroleum Museum, we took a break by a wildly tagged skatepark. The graffiti was colorful, varied, and crass. It was fun to try to pick out the images and phrases. The park was made up of old tires, drill bits, oil drums, and other discarded industrial equipment. It was empty and desolate. It fit in neatly with the industrial landscape.

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