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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sink or Swim? Love Boat the Musical

Last night, I visited the CPCT, yet again, for a night of improv. This time it was a full-blown production with song, dance, and props. 

It was good. Better than expected, but just as cheesy as anticipated. The show was short and sweet. It was about 45 minutes. It was enough to be entertained, but not too much that they were worn out or repeating bad jokes. The set was a nice touch. They wore crisp white uniforms and shared a captain's hat imbued with power.

They took the improv suggestions early on, so the show itself was seamless. The music was a good mix of styles with live piano and at one point saxophone. It needed more sax...

With improv, you don't know where the storyline will take you. Many of the options for audience participation were one of two, so they had an idea of what they were going to do. That kept it going. But it was totally unscripted. This show ended up being about a warlock practicing unfettered, Sarah and Todd Palin's quest for power and the captain's hat, and a passenger having a mental break (but honestly, how can you tell in that situation). It was a free for all, because there are no laws out in the open sea. 

Sometimes they really stretched it, but for the most part they kept going without pause. Improv isn't easy. 

Locals should definitely check it out before it closes Feb 20.

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