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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Wild Horticulture (Little Shop of Horrors)

Last night, I saw Little Shop of Horrors (Crown Point Community Theater edition). This fan-favorite has stood the test of time. People still pack in to see this 80s musical based on a 60s movie. Big production or small, the catchy tunes and dark yet quirky storyline keep people humming and laughing.

CPCT has a great range of shows. From Sartre's thought-provoking No Exit to the whimsical, yet mature, Happily Ever Once Upon they bring entertainment to the community. CPCT brings in plays that are far from mainstream. Evenso, it was a delight to see this classic musical.

This production of Little Shop of Horrors used every bit of the tight space to bring this musical to life. The set was well designed with great attention to detail. The store sign was updated when Audrey II came on the scene (logo and name change). Each phase of the monster plant's growth was grander and more intricate. The lighting was well coordinated, changing the mood from light hearted to heart pounding to horror. With the small space, there wasn't a bad seat in the fully packed house.

Seymour (Justin Treasure) gave a wonderful performance. He had a strong and steady voice. He delivered an honest and natural performance.

The movement of Audrey II was smooth and well-choreographed with the music, voice, and other actors. From hand puppet to multi-armed, full-body-consuming beast, the movement was well-timed and fluid.

The music was live and perfectly timed with Audrey II and the main cast.

Unfortunately, this was closing weekend, so I can't encourage you to check it out. I can say, keep an eye on CPCT to see what they have in store next.

I normally don't take pictures at shows, but Audrey II was irresistible. I was in the back row, between two friends with very low screen brightness! So I snuck a couple of grainy shots. Below are shots of the puppet from potted plant to world-dominating clipping.

Audrey II, Seymour (Justin Treasure), and  Chiffon (Laura Riggle)

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