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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

25 Drinks: Crazy Complex Cuvée

This brew was boxed and saved in the cellar for who knows how long. The brew itself was released in 2010. I've kept it long enough and the advent calendar box is the place for special brews like this.

This brew is a burnt, smoky, vanilla dessert. A change from the dark fruity and chocolatey brews in the line up. The complexity is insane. It's a blend of the first two brews in the series. #1 was aged in French Oak and #2 was aged in American Oak. So you get the toasted nut flavors and the vanilla flavors. It smells sweeter than it tastes. Honey, caramel, and vanilla.This is a serious brew.

It hits all the points listed in the description:
"Dark amber color, rich caramel malt flavor with noticeable bitterness. Slightly sweet and roasty finish, with mild hop aroma."

"Flavors of French and American oak imparting unique qualities present the in series one and two. Impressions of vanilla, toasted coconut and almond."

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