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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sea Bird Encounters

Stubborn Gull on Île Sainte-Marguerite
I have many things to write and stories to tell, but today my morning mind is filled with travel. There is something about the turn to gray in December that makes my mind wander to other places.

One of my odd travel themes is sea bird portraits. I have this strange obsession with capturing photos of sea gulls and other birds. It all started in Niagara Falls when, try as I might, the bird refused to cooperate with my photo opportunity. So now it's a quest. Whether I'm on an island off the coast of Cannes or on a beach in Central Florida, I will try to get that perfect sea bird portrait. I've tried to coax busy birds by the San Francisco Bay to glance my way. I've tried to tempt gulls in Barcelona to pose. There are those moments that the sitter does cooperate, but those are few and far between. So I keep on, taking a succession of photos when I see a bird on the shore at the off chance that they'll look my way.

Cooperative Sitter in Savannah (Southern Hospitality?)