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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Now's the time to send that note!

The first action in the Women's March 10 Actions/100 Days is to send postcards to your representatives. On their site they have a look-up for your Senators, I encourage you to add your representative in the federal House of Representatives, state representatives, and governor to that list.

I'm a cynic. I don't think that a single letter about a single issue will sway a party-loyal representative. Heck, these days they aren't even loyal to traditional party values, many are loyal to their self-interests. (See...I'm a cynic!). To me, the important action is to elect representatives with great critical-thinking skills and a commitment to the community they serve. But in the meantime, while we work to get these people in office, it doesn't hurt to send a letter, postcard, or email to your representatives to remind them that they don't just represent their self-interests. Let them know that you're watching how they vote and will be making an informed decision next election.

Why now? While I'm not a big believer in a single letter, I do think now is the time to get the communication out. This is on the tails of a large demonstration that got public attention. This is in a time when all over the country and world, people are expressing their discontent. This is a time when any elected official should be scared and looking to appease their constituency. Even if they skim it and put your note in a pile of "women's issues" or "health care issues", right now that'll be a mighty big pile!

So, even if you're in a city, county, or state, that doesn't tend to vote in your best interests. Even if your representatives don't share your values. I urge you to get a note out to tell them that it's not just a fringe group of dissatisfied citizens, you are their constituent and you have a voice.


Women's March site has postcard files and a look-up for your representatives:

Below are the postcards I've printed out. You can click them and get the full-sized graphic. It was cheaper to do the file as a 4x and cut them myself. I have the singles below too.

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