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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Nunsense? Nonsense?

I was surprised when my local community theater had their 2017 season open with Nunsense A-Men! Nunsense is one of those mainstream series of musicals that have a bit of a following. They are funny, for sure, but I was still surprised to see it on the line up, opening no less. But, I'm a season ticket holder, and The Towle hasn't let me down yet. I was relieved when Jeff Casey opened up the night admitting this was a bit more mainstream, but clarified that this one was not as widely performed and was a bit more edgy. So, I sat back to enjoy.

It was irreverent. The quick wit and wild songs caused unstoppable deep-belly laughter by some in the audience. We were all along for the ride.

This rendition of Nunsense is a cast of all men playing nuns. After an unfortunate culinary disaster by Sister Julia (Child of God), the Little Sisters of Hoboken found themselves in need of quick money. They set out to put on a variety show fundraiser. They interacted with the audience putting on a show with tap, ballet, and even a Convent (Carmen) Miranda appearance. As they all vie for the spotlight, their interesting pasts in entertainment surface. These ladies are pros. Sister Mary Leo twirls across the stage, light as a feather. Sister Mary Amnesia makes us blush with some risque puppetry. Sister Robert Anne shows us her hidden vocal talents. Sister Mary Hubert taps unrepentantly. Reverend Mother Sister Mary Regina takes charge, and takes the spotlight too!

Overall, it was full of 90s humor, upbeat music, and Catholic wisecracks. It's great to get out and support community theater. It's a spot that you can focus on the entertainment and get your mind off of the daily grind. See what's showing at your playhouse and get tickets. Even if it's something you think you may not enjoy, you may be surprised. If it's great you can write about it, if it's a stinker you can recount the horror to your friends. Either way, you're entertained.

If you're in the Northwest Indiana/South Chicago area, check out Nunsense A-Men. Tickets are selling out fast!

Showtimes:  Feb 24-25 (26th Sold Out), Mar 3-4(5th Sold Out), 9-11(12th Sold Out)
Thursday-Saturday 8pm, Sunday 2pm
More Info:

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