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St Pete's Twisted Glass

You never know what you'll find in a tourist magazine. I'm not above visiting the local haunts and tourist traps. They're popular for a reason. They might be fun or good for a laugh later. With the traveling public tied to chain restaurants and main attractions, it's fun to visit a local spot and give them a bit of business.

I was in St. Pete, Florida dazed and looking for something to do. I discovered that they had much more than just spring break attractions. I've heard the Dali Museum is fantastic. The collection is amazing enough to make me wonder how it ended up near Tampa. But I was short on time and had to pick one spot to visit. I ended up at the Morean Arts Center at the Chihuly glassworks collection.

I'd first seen his works at the Saint Louis Botanical Gardens. The sprawling chandelier seemed sentient. The globes in the pond seemed light as bubbles. All the colors were so vibrant. Dale Chihuly's name stuck with me. Since then, I've seen documentaries about his studio and some of his works in the Bellagio and other unexpected places. His style stands out.

When I saw a listing for a collection in the roadside travel guide, I figured it would be a nice diversion.

It was a bit pricy, at about $20 per ticket for about an hour's walk through. The travel mag had a $2 off coupon. That said, the collection was impressive. It was a mix of chandeliers, baskets, flower arrangements, globes, vases, bowls, a neon tumbleweed, and so many other glassworks that seemed to be morphing before your eyes. The colors were vibrant. Cool and warm colors shined under the spotlights.

The garden listed on the ads is only open for special events, so the entirety of the collection is inside.

The Morean Arts Center had so much to offer too, with glass blowing demonstrations, art classes, and other collections.

This is a great sight to see on a very hot summer day. It's definitely worth a visit. I wouldn't say it's a destination, but it's a nice experience. It's centrally located, so after a visit you can shop and have lunch or drinks in the downtown area.

Morean Art Center:


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