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Friday, May 12, 2017

Looking Behind You at the Photo Op

When we're on vacation we do what it takes to see the iconic sights. Sometimes we stumble upon them. This is a note to you to look behind you when you get to your destination. Explore.

On a visit to Cinque Terre, I walked up the path that gives you the best, most iconic view of Manarola. I sat and enjoyed the colorful buildings and beautiful sea.

Then, I turned around. I saw beautiful flowers, a closer look of the water crashing into the rocks, and where the blue trail linking the villages was washed away. I saw an amazing view of the villages north of Manarola, their bright colors popping out of the rocky hillsides. It's a rare view of the area. I saw the regional train racing though tunnels.

While all the visitors we're coming up, taking their photos, and turning right back around, we were having an experience. We were soaking in all that the vantage point had to offer.

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