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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Symphony in the Park

It's summertime and time to enjoy all the events your area has to offer.

Last night, I attended the Grant Park Music Festival's Haydn London Symphony. Fawzi Haimor conducted three lively orchestral pieces. He performed with such energy, I thought he'd fall off the platform more than once!

The first piece was Kareem Roustom's RAMAL. Roustom has a varied background that came through in this piece. It was a great way to settle in and set the tone for the evening. He was able to take the stage and enjoy the applause.

The second was Haydn's last symphony, Symphony No. 140 in D Major London. He wrote this after his long and demanding service to the Esterházy family. It was soft enough at times to calm you and wild enough at times to energize you.

The last was Paul Hindsmith's Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber.  It was a whimsical and powerful piece that started its life destined for ballet, until the fear that Dali would ruin the production with hallucinatory imagery pushed the creator to develop it as a piece for an American orchestra.

Watching this performance on the middle of a bustling city brings a new perspective to it. More vibrant than sacred. The sirens competing with the strings. The birdsong alongside the flute.

Most neighborhoods have something going on to keep the community occupied, and large cities have fun times in spades. Find something to do this week. Check out the parks and recreation calendar. If there isn't an event, enjoy time at the park or beach.

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