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Friday, September 8, 2017

Tell Your Story...One Block at a Time

Girl Dreaming; Boy on the Moon

I don't like a house crowded with bobbles and trinkets. So when I'm browsing through wonderful collections of art at local festivals, something really has to be unique and eye catching for me to bring it home.

At the Bristol Renaissance Faire this year I found The Rabbit Hero cart with illustrated blocks set up in lines and stacked in precarious positions. I got a chance to talk with the artist, Tony Brandl, as I looked through the pieces. It's a novel idea. Each wooden block has a hand sketched or printed drawing with custom color and composition. On the back is a word or phrase. You can have one on display, or set up a series to make your own visual story.

Brandl assured us that each block was pretty resilient, and we got to test that when a couple somehow dropped off the shelf. (oops!)

The imagery is colorful and animated. The characters and objects are brought to life with the pen stroke. They were all quite beautiful. It was hard to pick a storyline....but I did. A story of a girl and a guy (me and Mr. K?) in a cosmic dreamland. When I look at these, I breathe better. My mind relaxes. I go on a journey for even just a second. I look up more.

He had some blanks on hand and helped me pick a phrase to start my story. "The moon..."

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