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Friday, April 20, 2012

Scapegoat (Figure 8)

There is something beautiful about a beer poured out of a nitro-pressurized keg. The cascading waves dancing up the glass. It's something poetic. This Extra Special Bitter had a flavor to match the beauty of the pour. When I saw this on tap at Beer Geeks the weekend I was brewing my ESB, so I had bitter on the brain. I went there specifically for this.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: As the waves of cream moved their way up, it left it gold. It had that creamy and thick nitro lacing left behind as I drank it.

Taste: It was an ESB, it had that distinct yeastiness to it that can't be mistaken for anything else. I'm not sure why I was getting a corn-ness in this brew. It was a pithy bitter with a citrus that added depth to this brew. The aftertaste was very grainy, but a sweeter malted grain.

From the F8 site:
An american twist on a classic english Extra Special Bitter, the nitro blend pour adds a superbly creamy mouth feel, and this sessionable brew has Lahti's stamp of approval.

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