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Monday, May 7, 2012

Pilsner (Brooklyn)

This is one of my pilsner selections for Beer 101: A Taste of Summer. I normally don't drink pilsers, but I really like Brooklyn beers. They are especially good for sharing.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This gold/straw-colored brew had a solid frothy head. It settled to tiny bubbles. It has a standard lager yeastiness to the aroma. It smelled like lemon juice.

Taste: It had a very crisp flavor. The citrusy acid cleans the palate. It was yeasty. It was complex for a typical pils. No off aftertaste. If you like lighter brews I recommend it. It's a good summer brew.

It mentions floral in the description. I definitely got more lemon juice scent. I'll have to see if I pick that up next time.

From the Brooklyn site:
Brooklyn Pilsner is a refreshing golden lager beer, brewed in the style favored by New York’s pre-prohibition brewers. In the 1840’s, the pilsner style emerged from central Europe to become the world’s most popular style of beer. Like its ancestors, Brooklyn Pilsner is traditionally brewed from the finest German two-row barley malts. Germangrown Perle and Hallertauer hops provide a crisp, snappy bitterness and fresh, floral aroma. The flavor of the malt comes through in the finish. We ferment Brooklyn Pilsner at cool temperatures, and then give it a long, gentle maturation (lagering), which results in a beer of superior complexity and smoothness. We believe that you will find there to be none finer. Unlike mass-marketed so-called pilsners, Brooklyn Pilsner does not contain cheap fillers such as corn or rice, nor does it contain any preservatives or stabilizers. Brooklyn Pilsner is the real thing.

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