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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Defenestration & Row 2/Hill 56 (Russian River)

In honor of craft beer week, Monk's Cafe lined the taps with Russian River brews. Mr. K and I shared tastes of all of the one available. We ordered this Belgian-style saison (Defenestration) and hoppy simcoe ale (Row 2/Hill 56—The Story of Simcoe) together. The tastes were so wildly, powerfully different, that we had to drink them one-bye-one instead of side-by-side.

Belgian-style saison that has a subtle, mineral finish. really dry finish.

Look and Smell: This gold-colored brew had a bubbly head that settled to a single layer of bubbles that stayed with it. I smelled slightly sweet over all the bar and mussels with frites.

Taste: This saison had a light bitterness and a warming dryness to it. It was barely sweet. It had a light sour apple flavor to it. Great for the summer heat.
ABV: 7.25%

Row 2/Hill 56—The Story of Simcoe
Vinnie uses Simcoe hops from all three Simcoe growers in Yakima. Each batch uses Simcoe from each farm at specific stages of the brewing process.

Look and Smell: This copper-colored brew had a more frothy head. I could smell the pine over it all.

Taste: Simcoe is a great hop for bitter wood-flavors. I used it in my IPA. Sixpoint has a version of an all simcoe brew too. This was a lighter consistency, making it very drinkable for a bitter brew. The pine and bitter pith were the main flavors, but they were smoothed out by the malt (caramel?). For people who don't like IPAs, it's mostly this piney type...exactly the flavors that IPA-drinkers adore. This showcased the hop beautifully. I wonder if they do a cascade brew....
ABV: 5.8%

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