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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Brabrant (One Trick Pony)

I had a snifter of this Belgian Strong Ale on tap at Beer Geeks as a little NYE pre-party brew. I went for the Old Rasputin XV, but I ended with this. I had ordered the Kisber Felver, but swapped Mr. K for this.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: It was a pale gold. It just had a thin ring for head. I could smell the honey over the bar.

Taste: It was very juicy and light. I could taste the honey and a little floral bitterness. The floral was the aftertaste. I'm not sure I'd say this was a good Belgian Strong Ale. It was a decent beer. But it didn't have the standard Belgian markers. I wasn't getting the yeastiness, richness, or more complex sugar tastes. I still need to get out to OTP; it might end up being my favorite local pub!

From the OTP site:
A mixture of Pilsener and Munich malts, Wildflower honey, and fruit juice, go slow with this easy-drinking and Oak-infused beauty.

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