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Just a Cup o' Tea

While coffee dates are what friendships are made of, a cup of good tea warms the soul in solitary moments. It's a nice way to unwind a bit while reading or working on a crossword puzzle. It's a winter warmer for times that I need my fingerless gloves to type. It's a mood booster with the mint, black currant, or citrus flavors. It's hearty with winter spices and rich apple. The smell of rooibos helps me beat the winter blues.

From the steam as it steeps to the water slowly infusing with the essence of these dried leaves, roots, and fruits, it is an experience to absorb. The whole world stops while I steep my tea. The aroma is comforting. Holding it in my hands as I wait for it to cool, I can take it all in. It's as important as drinking it.

It's no wonder whole cultures surround tea. From acquisition to consumption, the art of tea drinking is ingrained in many social groups across every continent. The proper vessels to enjoy it from, the mixture chosen, the monetary exchanges, and the health benefits are all part of this ritual.

Next time you decide to brew a pot or cup of tea, let the world stop as it steeps.


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