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Snow Day Prep?

The snow is snowing, or it will be soon. Weather advisories. One inch of snow per hour? Is it another overestimation? They are estimating three to six inches with higher amounts locally possible. Will it just pass my town? Will we be buried in a foot of snow? 

This is a wild time for weather. But when is it ever predictable? We hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Then again, I think most of us are secretly, or not so secretly, hoping for the snow day. I like the idea of being forced to stay at home for a day. I like the idea of cuddling under the blankets with a purring cat and a nice bowl of chili. Maybe I'd be productive as the year I re-organized my booze lair.

Today I was at the grocery store visiting the bank teller and decided to get a few things. Our fridge was nearly empty, it was wiped of left overs this week. The cabinets were mostly snack-filled. I neglected to grab a basket or cart to pick up a few snow day essentials, so I was limited to what I could carry. 

I got all my hands could handle. I ended up with potato chips, store brand mozzarella, bittersweet chocolate, and all-purpose white flour. It was like Supermarket Sweep. I guess I could make a cheap pizza and a chocolate cake. I really don't know what I was thinking! I probably should have started at the produce section...

With one more month of winter left and wild weather all around, I hope you're better prepared than I!


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