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Saturday, February 9, 2013


I found this Double IPA hiding in my notes from a recent trip to St. Louis. This was a nice DIPA brewed by Urban Chestnut Brewing Company on tap at the Renaissance. Nice that they try to support a local, non-Schlafly brewery. UCBC is a pretty neat spot. While I didn't get to the brewpub this trip, I at least got to taste this new-to-me brew. Between this brewery and Perennial Artisan Ales, STL is moving beyond Bud and Schlafly.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This dark straw-colored brew had a frothy white head. The piney hop oils caused heavy lacing on the glass as I drank it down.

Taste: It was piney (Chinook) with some refreshing lemon flavors. It was creamy, but a grapefruit taste from the Cascade cut through that. It wasn't as bitter as I would think from the 100 IBU listing. It had nice layers of hops. A good balance.

From the UCBC site:
We pronounce it “sta-leep-ah”… you pronounce it how you like. STLIPA, which is the acronym for St. Louis India Pale Ale, is actually a DIPA (Double or Imperial IPA…i.e., double the stats of a traditional IPA). We hope it’s a ‘sleeper’ that you’ll include in your set of favorite DIPA’s from one of the best beer cities in the world…St. Louis. Hops- Sterling, Cascade, Mt. Hood, Willamette, Chinook.

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