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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ace WeizenRyemer (Hunter's Brewing)

I love Hunter's Brewing. I've liked all of the brews I've tried so far. But based on the Facebook page description I really didn't think I'd like this beer. I don't go out of the way for a dunkelweiss. I'm not a fan of the banana esters produced by the weihenstephan yeast (though brewed at a certain temperature with a certain yeast concentration you lose that flavor). Throw in a rye spice and this just sounded like it could go terribly wrong.

I couldn't help but try it though. When I made it out there last weekend, soon after it was tapped, I ordered a 4.5 oz taste. If I ever learned anything from Mr. K, it's to try anything once, or twice, or...anytime it's offered.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This black beer had a chocolate head that quickly settled to a thin ring. I honestly didn't take the time to smell this one. The flavor was taking all of my attention.

Taste: It had all the flavors described. I tasted the chocolate and banana upfront. It was like dessert. It was boozy. It was viscous. It was roasted. The rye spice was detectable, like a spicy chocolate. It had all these wild flavors, but none of them were overpowering, they all blended together.

This was good. I'd order a snifter of this, if not just to see how the flavor changed as it warmed. I'm not saying I'd drink it all day, but this wasn't meant for that. This is a sipping ale. It was a nice surprise. This would be a great seasonal release.

From the Hunter's Facebook page:
Come try Ace WeizenRyemer! It's a hybrid beer style based on our Iron Brewer home-brew competition recipe from a few years ago. The Iron Brewer ingredients are Sorachi Ace hops, Weihenstephan yeast and rye malt. We chose a wheat beer brewed with chocolate wheat malt as the base style. Extremely complex flavors and aromas - banana, lemon, wood and roasted chocolate. Very excited to have brewed this at our brewery to share with everyone!

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