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Monday, March 4, 2013

Keeping it Classy: Hunter's Brewing

Hunter's Brewing Boutique Brews
1535 S Calumet Rd | Chesterton, IN | Cash & Credit | Limited Hours (generally Thurs-Sun - check website for hours)

I found out about Hunter's Brewing Boutique Brews in passing, literally. I saw a sign for this brewery leaning against a building at the end of a storage unit, next to the spot where I get my delicious goose eggs, shrimp, wonderful meats, and beet greens. I thought it was a brewing supply shop. Then I saw a local acquaintance like one of their Facebook posts. It was a nanobrewery. It was official, they were opening February 16.  

I made it out there this past weekend. It was a very convenient stop before heading to the Welcome to My Garden storefront at Sawgrass Marketplace to pick up some eggs, beef, and freshly butchered pork (bacon and shoulder).

There it was, at the end of a group of storage units. Parking was easy to get into, lined up along the building. On a busy night, I could see it being a bit of a pain. It's a small shop though; you get what you can. It was clean, and it was bare. The wooden bar was sleek with a side area for quick bar visits out of the way of the people sitting at the bar. The long tables gave plenty of room to rest your glass. Big, wood-framed windows provided a glimpse into their brewing operation. Like any warehouse setup, it could benefit from a few soft surfaces to absorb the sounds of their boisterous patrons. 

A chalkboard hung above the bar showcasing the frequently changing craft brew selections. They had a good range of brews, six in all. From a light rice beer to a heavy coffee roasted porter to a bitter hopped IPA, they had something for everyone. The prices were reasonable. The offered small pours (4.5 oz) so you can try them all. They had glassware for any type of brew.

Both of the brewers were at the bar pouring and chatting up the patrons a bit. There was talk of homebrew, breweries, and other beer-related chatter filled the bar (like every crafty spot). The only beer chat Mr. K and I had was about the beer in hand. We talked about life. 

They  have a small water cooler out for the patrons. A short pub menu includes little nibbles like chips and pretzels, larger snacks like noodle bowls and burritos, and drinks like bottled water, coffee, and soft drinks. It was enough to make it comfortable if you want to stay for a while. I tried each of the brews, got a second small pour of the coffee-like porter. I'd liked to have stayed there for a while, but the market was calling my name. Next time.

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