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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mirror Image (Hunter's Brewing)

Last weekend I made it a point to stop off at Hunter's Brewing again on my way out to LaPorte for a quite weekend getaway. I wanted to check out the new brews they had on tap. Just a taste before heading off to a secluded B&B. The experience was much the same as the first time with craft brew chatter, comfortable space, and friendly brewers. Mr. K and I tried five of the new beers on tap in perfect 4.5 oz pours. The beers ranged from an amber to a viscous chocolate wheat.

First notes are on the American Amber. This hearty beer had more to it than your standard amber ale.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This amber-colored brew smelled like caramel and grain. It had a thick, dense white head. It left heavy lacing on my sample glass.

Taste: I enjoyed how hearty it was while still fitting into the style. Amber ales vary so greatly, but are generally light and not very complex. This one had the standard maltiness, but it had flavors I wanted to savor. While it was sessionable, it wasn't one that I just wanted to gulp down. It was still an every(wo)man's brew though. I think it would have wide support as a flagship brew.

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