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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ad Astra (FreeState)

Stuck in a Kansas hotel, my options were limited. After a pint of the Kansas City, MO Boulevard wheat, I started hitting up the KS brews in their cooler. I had two from Free State. I've tried a couple of their brews in the past and didn't think they were bad. Drink local, right?

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This dark amber brew had a light off-white head. It was super carbonated. The bubbles didn't stop racing up to the top. I smelled a very light malt roast.

Taste: The malt flavor sticks, but it's not overly sweet. I didn't get a lot of hop flavor, but that slight bitterness was there making it a proper beer. It had a very sticky aftertaste that didn't improve as it warmed. It was drinkable. I wouldn't go out of my way for it. After reading the site description, with all of those malts I'm surprised I didn't get more complexity in flavor.

From the Free State site:
This Ale is the first brewed in Kansas since the pioneering days. The name "Ad Astra" comes from the Kansas State Motto - Ad Astra per Aspera, Latin words meaning "To the Stars Through Difficulties". We've blended Pale, Caramel, and Munich malts for a rich amber beer. The hops balance this malty sweetness, and we've chosen Northern Brewer and Fuggles hops for their flavor.

Chocolate Wheat

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