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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Transcendent (Figure 8)

After having the powerful Barrel-aged Ro Shampo, I needed something that could stand up to those flavors. This Belgian Quadruppel fit the bill. I had actually been waiting for this one to come out since the rumors started earlier this year. It was an interesting brew.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This brew had an orange tint. The head settled to a thin white ring that was constantly fed by its effervescence. I smelled cloves.

Taste: It was sweet with a clove spice. It was creamy despite the carbonation. It was fruity too. Banana and tropical fruit. I hate to say it, but it reminded me of Laffy Taffy. But it was still very good. It was a mixed and complex flavor. I'd like to see this again.

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