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Friday, August 23, 2013

It Must Have Been the Roses (Hunter's Brewing)

This is my last in a long series of Hunter's Brewing notes. I know I'll have at least one more to add if I visit their fine pub tomorrow. Never ending this note taking seems.

This Belgian IPA was put on tap as we were ending our visit, but we couldn't walk out of the door without trying this rose hips-infused nectar.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This brown/dark-gold brew had a tan head that lingered as a layer. It left heavy lacing on the glass as I drank it down.

Taste: This was a complex flavor explosion. It was tart from the hips, floral from the hops, sugary from the malt, and had that Belgian-yeasty flavor. It was different. It didn't have the bitterness of Houblon Chouffe. Maybe it was because the tartness balanced it out, maybe it was because the hop flavor was more floral than citrus or pine. I can't say, but I really enjoyed this one. Very long name, very tasty brew.

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