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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pimp Slap (Figure 8)

Digging into Summer brew notes, I found this Imperial Pils. I'm not a fan of pilsers. The lagery aftertaste, the generally unbalanced flavors, generally don't do it for me. Some are pretty good, but I don't take chances in this area. Talking to one of the F8 owners, I got excited about the upcoming beer. When I saw it on tap, I had to try it.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This gold brew had a frothy white head that stuck. It left thick hop oil lacing as I drank it down. It smelled toasty and hoppy.

Taste: It was bitter. It tasted like pine. There was a caramel taste to it (malt). It tasted a little apple-like too. The lager taste came through, but was wiped clean by the hop acids. It wasn't bad. It was better than the Pirate Pils.

From the F8 site:
This is a big, bold Pilsner. Bitter and sweet. Named after a rock climb in Lake Tahoe. This Pilsner puts the P in Pilsner, and the IMP in Imperiale.

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