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Friday, September 13, 2013

Zaphot (Figure 8)

Another warm-weather brew out of the archives. A bit odd writing about it on this chilly summer day. This was another late-spring release that would be good for summer.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This yellow/gold brew had a thin white head that settled to a ring of bubbles. It smelled sweet like candy.

Taste: It was fruity and sugary. I got more of the wheat flavor as it warmed. The noble hops kept the bitterness down but the notes of hops there. I'm generally one for a more earthy and grainy wheat. I favor unfiltered. F8's Wit Kicker does the job. I also prefer citrusy wheats to banana yeasty flavors. This was refreshing though, I could see it having wide appeal.

From the F8 site:
This crisp, German style Wheat ale begins with notes of spice and clove. Lightly hopped with Hallertauer, Mittlefruh, and Tettnang hops, this delightful spring libation has a light banana finish.

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