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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Part 1: Sipping Solemn Oath

A few weeks ago Mr. K and I were in the area and stopped by Solemn Oath Brewery and Taproom. It was a great spot and I can't wait to go back! These were the first four: three lighter and crisp brews and a hearty and hoppy wheat.

Light-golden farmhouse ale with fruity saison yeast tang, orange citrus hop flavor and tropical fruit hop aroma. | 5.5% ABV

Look and Smell: This golden brew had a white ring of bubbles for head. It stuck around as I drank it. It was musky and smelled like citrus.

Taste: It was musky like passion fruit or an earthy pear. It was crisp with citrus acid. It was tangy, as description promised, with that little farmhouse tartness. It was a really good brew.

Aromatic Belgian malts and yeast combine with American variety hops in this golden blonde-colored ale to produce a melange of fruit flavors including orange and grapefruit citrus and tropical fruit. | 6% ABV

Look and Smell: This yellow-gold brew had a white head that left a layer on the top. It left light lacing as I drank it down. It smelled sugary and fruity.

Taste: It was light and sweet. It was sweet like the citrus flesh. Quite tasty and fresh.

57 Chemins Vers Brilliant
Available only here at the brewery, the peach-infused Belgian pale ale was made exclusively for the wedding of two members of the Solemn Oath Family (Matt and Jennifer.) When translated from French, the name means 57 paths towards brilliant. Enjoy, and if you're throwing a picture up on Instagram with hashtag #FraserWedding2013. | 6% ABV

Look and Smell: This yellow-gold brew had a thin white head. It left light lacing as I drank it down. It smelled slightly fruity and earthy.

Taste: It was lighter than expected. It had a delicate flavor. The aftertaste was fresh peach. It was earthy and juicy. It was still distinctly beer.

Mr. Inappropriate
Dry and light-golden with huge grassy, citrusy hop aroma. Moderate bitterness, totally sessionable. Brewed with white and red wheat. | 5.2% ABV

Look and Smell: It was a cloudy-yellow brew. The head was white made up of tiny bubbles. It left thick lacing on the glass as I drank it down. It smelled earthy.

Taste: It was creamy. The hop acid cuts the cream. It leaves a grassy, hearty breadiness that really makes you want to savor it. I know they bill it as sessionable, but I could seriously sit there with one pint for an hour.

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