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Savoring Solemn Oath

Solemn Oath Brewery
1661 Quincy Avenue #179 | Naperville, IL | Closed Mondays | Credit Card Only

A few weeks ago, we got the urge to hit up Ikea for some odds and ends and ideas. We try to make the most of the trip and usually hit up Two Brothers. This time we decided to try to find Solemn Oath's brewery and taproom.

It was a little bit of a trick to find. After a couple trips around industrial parking lots, we retraced our path and found the narrow entrance to another industrial park. There it was, nondescript until you got close enough to see the sign. 

It was small, but comfortable. It seemed to be a good neighborhood pub with lots of locals catching up and chatting. People talked of work and sports. It wasn't the typical brain dump of everything they had ever heard/experienced related to beer. A nice shift from the typical craft beer scene.

Merchandise and a large chalk board lined the back wall. The chalkboard had long lists of names. Friends had bought them a round for later pick up. The Beer for Friends (BFF) program is a nice perk! We ended up getting a brew for Mr. K's friend to enjoy upon his return from a lengthy business trip.

They only accept credit card and don't encourage tipping. You can however buy your server a pint, which is really how I see a tip anyway.

The two bartenders were friendly and attentive without being pushy or interrupting us.

We ordered two flights, trying trying seven different brews. They had a good range with a wheat, a couple of Saisons, a couple of IPAs, and a couple of Belgian-style brews (one with peach).  They were served in wine glasses held in a well-crafted flight tray. They were wood with a metal handle with notches carved out, perfectly fitting the glass.

Their prices were reasonable at $6-$6.50 for a glass of a small batch, specialty brew.

I enjoyed all of the beers. I ordered a growler of the black saison for a friend before hitting up Two Brothers for an early dinner.

It's a bit of a trip, but I'll definitely be back (even if it is just for my twice-annual Ikea treks).


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