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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hugo (Hunter's Brewing)

This was a great winter warmer to sip before heading out to see the lights at Sunset Hill Farm County Park in Valparaiso, Indiana. This beer was so wonderfully fragrant that I couldn't stop smelling it. I got a small pour, so I could discreetly hold it close enough to my face to smell it the whole time I drank it.

It was so fragrant that I got the urge to make soap out of it. It's hard for me to make soap out of great, limited beer, but the smell was so good. Making soap with it, if the smell stayed through the soap-making process, would be a good way to prolong the experience. So, though some might find it to be sacrilege, I'm writing this as I let my components cool for some cold-process soap. Even mixed with the lye, the delicious aromas are strong. I"m interested to see what fragrance remains and what changes. I know with the Ro Shampo, the soap-making process intensified the nuttiness and toffee.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This dark brown brew had bubbly tan head. The head settled to a ring. It smelled spicy. It was warm and savory spices with a brown sugar sweetness. It had a hearty, yeasty smell. It was like a decadent, savory, winter dessert.

Taste: I tasted a little bit of cherry, a slight sour that might have just been a brought out because the brew I had before this was a sweet tripel. It was toasty and hearty. It was a really smooth and spicy brew. I could probably pick it apart for hours, tasting different things each time I sipped at each temperature. This was a great winter warmer, especially at 8% ABV.

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