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Friday, July 25, 2014

Pierogi Fest 2014: Kolaczki, Pierogi, and Blintzes, Oh My!

Another year, another pierogi fest with my partner in crime. We pulled up to a parking spot right round the corner from one of the main entrances. It was cloudy, but the weather held out and stayed cool. We saw some old faces and some new. We got to linger at the arts and craft booths and found some new types of jewelry.

The quick run down of the pierogi-ness and more:
  • Two orders from my favorite spot (Gosia's). Crisp and delicious, buttery, fried potato cheddar, potato feta, and sweet cabbage.
  • Two frozen dozen from Gosia's to go (it's that good)
  • Two of my favorite strudel (Original Strudel Factory)
  • Two necklaces
  • One mushy order of boiled pierogi that ended up mostly in the trash
  • One apricot kolaczki
  1. Boiled pierogi are not better, despite the assertions of the cashier.
  2. Kolaczki are divine.
Five years going, with four of them being awesome Friday experiences. Check out my 2011 post for a detailed account of all the festivities have in store!

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