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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wild Brew: KHM 2.0 (Hunter's)

I'm no longer writing about every brew that touches these lips, but this version of Hunter's jasmine rice beer was worth noting. Khao Hom Mali is a cream ale that fast became a Hunter's standard. It's light, creamy, and reaches a certain target to a tee. Not my favorite, but perfectly fits the style. I had a small pour again recently and still feel the same way.

Then Hunter's released a v2.0. This was brewed with wild rice and Maris Otter grain (a classic English barley generally reserved for small-batch brews). Now this was something I'd order. I tried it when it was first tapped and on another visit. It's a nice brew, and I think it would still appease the masses.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This pale yellow brew had a white ring for head. It smelled like earthy rice.

Taste: It was smooth and nutty. There was a slight spice to it that I couldn't place (like a nutmeg). It was grainy...and...did I mention smooth. This could stand up to red meat and would be great with chicken. If I close my eyes, with that proper English barley and earthy flavors it could pass as an English brown. This brew was yet another unique offering from Hunter's.

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