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Friday, October 3, 2014

Posca Rustica (Dupont)

I've stopped keeping beer notes on every brew that touches these lips. That said, some are always worth noting. I had this brew this past spring. I was headed out to the Uptown/Andersonville area for the Koval Distillery tour. Being that close to Hopleaf, I had to stop in for lunch and some delicious brews. I had the wonderful and delicious √225 Saison Zymatore (Brasserie des Franches Montagnes).

Mr. K ordered this wonderful herbal, spiced Belgian ale by Brasserie Dupont. I normally don't write about other people's brews, but this was worth getting a post out about. I have a bottle chilling of it chilling in my fridge as I write this, ready to go with my homemade pizza. I think it will go well with the sweet homemade goat milk mozzarella and heirloom tomato sauce. (My foodie is showing.)

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: This honey-colored brew had a frothy, white head that settled to a thin ring that lingered. It left thick lacing on the glass. It smelled like lemon with a grassy, herbal fragrance.

Taste: It had an herbal, honey taste to it. Not like a ricola though! It was mellow. It was like a wild-flower honey. It was delicate, but flavorful. It's a great year-round brew. It's light and citrus enough for the summer months, but the herbal quality makes it a good brew to welcome autumn.

From the bottle....those wacky brewers:
The year is 63 A.D., at a Roman encampment near the present-day Belgian town of Bilcqy. Nervium Flavius, a Roman soldier recently posted to Gaul, is thirsty. He approaches Eburane, the young woman in the encampment's popina. He demands his posca, fully expecting to get the sour wine drink loved by all legionnaires. Eburane says she has no posca, but—exhibiting the Belgic knack for adapting to foreigners and their tastes—quickly adds she has Posca Rustica, a local-brewed version. 

Too thirsty to argue, Flavius gruffly quaffs the strange, blond, frothy drink. It's not sour, but herbal and wonderfully spiced. It is the Cervesia of the local tribes, the Eburani, Nervii, and Ambiani. Instead of complaining, Flavius gladly finished the delicious ale. The beer becomes the favorite among all the legionnaires. To this day, you can hear their joy every time a Belgian toasts my saying "Proost!" It comes from the Roman soldiers' shortened cry, "Prustica!" for their cherished drink of Gallo-Belgica, Posca Rustica!

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