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Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Music Musings

I'm not one for Christmas music. That's what I like to tell myself. But there is something about Dean Martin trying to keep his resistant date home, hearing Perry Como recount travels home for homemade pumpkin pie, and Eartha Kitt ask for just about anything a girl could want. I can't resist humming along and sometimes belting it out. 

These familiar tunes bring back memories of twinkling lights, abundant food, and happy times. They are songs we know and songs to which we sing our own words to at times. They have us believing we can sing like divas. These are upbeat melodies that have kids who have never seen a snowflake singing about white Christmases. These are the only old standards that some people listen to. These are also new takes on songs that still put smiles on our faces and a glow in our hearts. 

Today I was listening to my favorite, and most hilarious, take on a Christmas melody. Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit like Bob Dylan croaking out "It Must be Santa" to a polka beat.

I came across this update to a standard. Chase Holfelder has worked up a version of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" changing it from a major key to minor. It's a very dramatic and artful take on this Christmas melody. It it my Christmas card to you this year. Enjoy!

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