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Art Finds: Governors State University

You never know what you'll find meandering in an airport, looking up at the side of a building, or getting lost in the halls of a university. I headed out to Governors State University for a local photography exhibit on a rainy day last weekend. It was pouring, but I found my way to the door of the right building. I had to wind my way around the labyrinth of corridors and shared spaces to find my way to the small exhibit gallery. On the way, I noticed so many paintings and sculptures. I made a point to visit them on my way out.

Right outside of the exhibit space, woodcarvings and totems were displayed. Most had stories to go with them. There were ceramics and sculptures. Paintings and drawings. We went back the way we came, then went back and visited another building. The artwork was all throughout the corridors. Some were labeled, some were not. All were interesting. I'll go back to check out the sculpture garden now that the weather has cleared up!

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About the Exhibit
This was a nice find, but I find the exhibit that brought me there worth mentioning. I didn't take any photos of these MFA's work. Check out the links to get more information and see some of their work.

This exhibit was a great way to spend a couple of hours. I studied the iPhonography of Peter Bosy and decomposed the layered images of Joyce Speechley Symoniak. The Points of Time exhibit had me looking through the macro images, through magnifying rain drops, across shadows of self-portraits, deep into a glass of iced tea. It was fun to see what the photos became after close examination. In contrast with the light and puzzling photos, System Failure showed the dark side of relationships. The three layered images printed on metal morphed based on perspective. As I moved back and forth, different lines, shapes, and words jumped out.  Joyce documented the agony of abuse and dealing with the aftermath.

I went through each group of images two or three times. The exhibit is closed now, but I hope to see more of their work on display.


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