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Sunday, December 18, 2016

25 Drinks: Santa & His Cows

Day 18 of the boozy advent box is another warming stout. Very Mad Cow is Revolution's milk stout aged for six months in bourbon barrels. I grabbed this Deep Wood Series brew off the shelf at Maria's Packaged Goods and have been saving it for a special day. Dec 18th is a special as any!

Creamy, roasted, delicious milk stouts are good any time of year. Add that caramel and oaked flavors from bourbon barrels, and you have yourself a winter warmer.

Grab a Left Hand Milk Stout or one from your local brewery to lighten your spirits during the long winter ahead.

From the box:
"We start by brewing Mad Cow, a big and bold milk stout that uses over a thousand pounds of Wisconsin-roasted barley per batch. The infusion of unfermentable milk sugar (lactose) imparts a residual sweetness to balance the roasted malt. After aging six months in bourbon whiskey barrels, Very Mad Cow emerges from the wood with a stampeded of vanilla and caramel flavors pulled from the charred oak barrels staves. Drink with with dessert or as dessert."

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