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Monday, October 14, 2013

Part 2: Sipping Solemn Oath

A few weeks ago Mr. K and I were in the area and stopped by Solemn Oath Brewery and Taproom. It was a great spot and I can't wait to go back! The first four I sampled were delicious. These last three were equally as flavorful and delicious. The tasting ended perfectly with a roasted and hoppy black saison.

Snaggletooth Bandana
A massive grapefruit, pineapple, and super-ripe mango aromatic burst out of this medium-bodied IPA. Assertive bitterness is balanced by a subtle malt sweetness and more citrusy fun. | 6.5% ABV

Look and Smell: This gold brew had a thick white ring for head. It left light lacing as I drank it. It smelled musky.

Taste: It tasted like musky fruit, passion fruit or guava. I didn't get an assertive bitterness...maybe the malt balance was that good. The hop acids left this brew with a dry finish. I'd order this again.

American Double IPA with face-melting citrusy, resinous American hop character and a light caramel malt backbone. | 8% ABV

Look and Smell: This gold brew had a white ring for head. It smelled like pine.

Taste: It was a mouth-watering piny flavor. It had a good malt balance. I got a little sourness to it, but it wasn't straight citrus. More tropical. Maybe my mind was still on another, but I got a little passion fruit flavor with this one as well.

None More Black
Brewed with roasted and de-bittered black barley, dry-hopped with Simcoe for a piney, resinous aroma, and fermented with saison yeast for a spicy, fruity, earthy funkiness. | 7.5% ABV

Look and Smell: This dark brown-black brew had an off-white layer of head. I smelled a coffee roast.

Taste: I tasted roasted coffee, but it was lighter than expected. It had a creamy heartiness. A dark-chocolate bitterness stuck to my tongue. It was a good way to end a tasting session. A little coffee. I wish I had a little cookie or pastry to go with it. 

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