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Saturday, December 14, 2013

W3 (Ironwood Brewing)

I ended my evening of lights with this wheat. I didn't really care to have a citra-hopped brew and nothing else really stood out. I got to chatting with the bartender and a gent at the bar and didn't get a picture or notes. But I remember it well enough.

Based on the RIS, the porter, and the wheat, I think I have a good feel for this spot. I will say their tart cherry mead that I sipped from Mr. K's glass was quite good. It is a very cool place to hang out; it adds to the neighborhood to have a good community pub.

General Thoughts
Look and Smell: It was a straw-colored brew. It had a frothy white head

Taste: It was a light and creamy flavor. One of my friends who tried it the weekend before noted that it didn't have that hop-heaviness of many American wheat beers. I agree, it had a soft and wheaty flavor.

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